Nicole believes in the importance of curiosity and developing a deep connection to the natural world. Through sharing stories with others about her conservation, scientific and underwater experiences, Nicole encourages those she shares her time with to follow their own path with compassion and a fondness for the natural world.

Nicole uses her knowledge as an experienced photographer, naturalist, film maker and conservationist to help others ponder their own adventures and passions and to develop an increased appreciation for and an understanding of nature.


Nicole has adapted her talks and presentations to suit a wide range of audience demographics. In 2013, she traveled Australia's coastline as part of an eight month youth engagement speaking tour to visit more than 150 schools and universities.

To arrange a presentation or for more information, please contact Nicole.


“Nicole McLachlan has visited our school on several occasions and delivered a variety of workshops and programs. Each time she has inspired our students to think about improvements they can make to help Pottsville Beach Public School and community to become more sustainable. We have received positive feedback from our parents and community about Nicole and the programs she brought to our school. Nicole has successfully motivated and encouraged our students to achieve positive change through student-led projects within the school and local community on both a social and environmental level.”

- Debra McKinnon, Principal, Pottsville Beach Public School

“Back in 2012 as a year 8 student I was sitting in on a presentation Nicole was giving to year 11 and 12 students. Nicole was extremely inclusive with the audience and really inspired me to want to make a difference for our world’s animals. I found Nicole’s personality and values really relatable and admirable. Nicole’s passion for marine conservation blew me away and I’ve seen her as a role model ever since. Following Nicole I have learnt that every voice can make a difference. Nicole’s compassion is contagious and I definitely look up to her in many respects.”

- Rachel Stewart, Student, Elisabeth Murdoch College