With a profound admiration for the natural world, Nicole became involved in conservation and education efforts at a young age. Through photography, writing, presenting and film, Nicole strives to help others see the beauty of nature, through her eyes.

Believing that a person's connection with the natural world goes hand in hand with their understanding of it, Nicole encourages education as a means to restoring ecosystems on Earth and has developed and led several education campaigns and programs, engaging others in interactive workshops and presentations.

Nicole uses creative and story telling mediums to shine a light on some of the impacts to wildlife and ecosystems with a focus on solutions. Some of her work includes: the conservation and understanding of sharks in Australia, plastic pollution, the health of the Great Barrier Reef, dolphin hunts and the captive dolphin trade in Japan and marine mammal conservation efforts in South Korea.

Nicole believes that the key to restoring the Earth is through helping others reconnect with their wild surroundings and to understand the importance of doing so. The benefits of immersing in nature have profound impacts to human health and well-being, and will assist in the preservation of nature, now.